Does anyone read this stuff anyway?

I mean people who post and blog, most of it is unmentioned in day to day life. Mostly just forgot in our modern day ADHD where we have to be consumed by something else to keep us interested. Our attention span is gone and whilst I write/type this I assume no one will see it but I’ll just type it anyway so maybe like so many people out there want to grab on to a little bit of fame and appreciation. In the end we are attention junkies waving around our hands in the air hoping someone will catch a glimpse of soon fading light to maybe tell their friends that they got so many likes or comments.

The Theory of Relevance

So retrospectively there is no point

The idea of zero thoughts of continuous nothing

Hypothetically there is zilch

So if there is no idea

What on earth is it about?

The theory of relevance

Not relativity, or gravity or even space and time

Time goes round and round

But relevance there is none of

The idea of a thought being relevant

Would be absurd

What a concept, how crazy

What could this possibly prove?

You see you carry the x from the square root of pie

Divide by 11, times by 6

Derive the equation and what do you get

The theory of relevance

The theory of relevance

So politically there is an absence of what there wasn’t there before

Violence of love

Walking the streets

For the one that you meet

Is the same as the one you left behind

You tip your hat

For the girl like that

Then you realize she is blind

So you kick out her legs

And walk on again

For someone who is better fit

But seeing the girl

Who will change your world

Will leave you stuck in a pit


My love

Follow me now

And don’t say a word

For the pieces I’m dropping

And your legs are now rotting

And you realize for what it’s worth


You walk into the next girl

You realize she can’t hear

So you have nothing to say

You give her a sign

Which makes her cry

And then you march on your merry way

Spin, spin and move your head

Says a voice from a far

You cannot see her

She is not clear

And it seems you have been betrayed


My love

Follow me now

And love me till the end of time

Pick up that broken watch

And look at the clock

Coz time is about to end

Looking up to the earth

As a red sky fills the air

While the rain comes down softly

As the mist fills my hair

Watching the trees go swaying

As the birds dance

The forest is now calling you

As it grabs you in a trance

When you step inside a hollow log

You watch the children play

So mystic and so beautiful

Touching it turns to haze